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At Freelife, we believe that every dog deserves a comfortable, safe

and loving home.

Our Story

The FREELIFE Association is a non-profit organization that operates in the territory of Satu Mare county. We are an organization of big-hearted people that works thanks to the generous people who manage to help us with donations and sponsorships. The association fights against abuse, mistreatment, abandonment and uncontrolled breeding of animals.


We laid the foundations of the Association and it was registered in 2011 in the heritage of Romanian Foundations and Associations, and since then we have been contributing to the sterilization and rescue of stray animals from the streets. The shelter located in the South Industrial Park is home to over 600 animals, an animal care quarantine and lots of love.


We have been and continue to be supported by sponsorships and donations from big-hearted people both locally and abroad. In addition to the time offered by the members and volunteers, we also need financial support and the funds allocated by the City Hall of Satu Mare are too small to cover all the necessary expenses. You too can make a difference to a lot of speechless napkins. You can find form 230 on our website for the redirection of 3,5% of the tax or you can make a monthly donation directly with the card.


Since the establishment of the Shelter in 2012 and until now, the Association has managed to give up over 3000 dogs for adoption, sterilize over 3700 and currently cares for over 600 dogs. And the count continues.


Stop by the shelter and offer a helping hand feeding the puppies or a long-awaited cuddle.

You're welcome,

Freelife Association


Meet Team Free Life!

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Carmen Frățilă

Carmen, a founding member and dedicated organizer of adoption events and other initiatives, stands out for her passion for the well-being of animals. As an active community leader, Carmen not only initiates and coordinates adoption efforts but also takes care of a multitude of dogs at home, going beyond the confines of a simple shelter. Her consistent commitment to supporting the voiceless defines her as a strong advocate for animal welfare.

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Nicoleta Lontoș

Nicoleta, a founding member and steadfast organizer of adoption events and various initiatives, is a beacon of compassion for animals. Beyond her role in coordinating adoption efforts and other activities, she undertakes the responsibility of managing Facebook account. Her enduring dedication to animal welfare, marked by both organizational leadership and hands-on care, exemplifies her as a compassionate advocate for our four-legged friends.

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